About NFA

NFA – Norwegian Society of Automatic Control was established in 1958 and is NMO (National Member Organization) for Norway in IFAC – International Federation of Automatic Control. NFA is Norway´s most important, largest and oldest society within automatic control and is ideal and politically independent.

NFA works with networking, development of competence and increased competitiveness for Norwegian industry. We are also concerned to ensure recruitment to higher education in technology and science.

NFA has the following purposes:

Promoting specialization and development within automatic control, contribute to funds for education and research.
Contribute to recruitment to this subject.
Increase understanding among politicians of the importance of automatic control and thereby valuing of subject and professionals.
Designed to stimulate co-operation national and international
Be a link between education/research and industry

Members and Membership benefits

  • Tie professional network with other people within automatic control
  • Update your knowledge within automation/industrial IT
  • Profiling of your Company
  • Contribute to strengthening  the subject`s role in society
  • Gives you a meeting place for automation on the Internet
  • Access to professional and competence increasing course/seminars
  • Access to expert panel – consisting of strong experts


  • More than 220 companies and education-/research institutions.
  • More than 850 personnel members

Courses and conferences
NFA arranges national courses, conferences and seminars covering important technological areas. The courses are developed by some of Norway`s most prominent professionals in their fields.

Honorary Members
NFAs honorary prize is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding practical and/theoretical contribution to one or more of the following areas:

  • For the automation environment in Norway and NFA
  • For the benefit of society, the development and application of automatic control and/or contributions to the cybernetic theory, in Norway and internationally
  • The attitudes and dissemination of knowledge that has contributed to the recognition and publicity for automatic control in Norway

All members of NFA may propose candidates for the Honorary Award. This shall be done in writing to NFAs administration.

NFAs Expert panel
The experts shall contribute to:

  • Strengthening and ensure the quality of the NFAs activities
  • Participate in NFAs arrangements as member of program committees as well as speakers
  • Be part of the jury when evaluating candidates for the NFA price award.

Vision and strategy
Automation – creates something that governs itself.

Increase use of automation for a better society.

Make automation to the main in the public sphere. Show the importance of Automation for social development.

The target groups and focus:
NFA will become more visible in the public sphere.  The target groups will therefore be:

  • Politicians and authorities Primary central bodies, Parliament and government, politicians and bureaucrats. Key words here are industry, energy, business and education.
  • Organizations Industry associations, employer’s organizations and unions (NHO, LO).
  • Education and research institutes Norwegian Research Council, universities, colleges and secondary schools, teachers and study advisers and pupils.
  • Media People in general with focus on young people who are in a choice situation for further education. NFA will take part in the public debate, operate popular information campaigns and create attention and enthusiasm around automatic control in the population.  NFA- activities will not be reduced, but new activities will be introduced. Values The following values will be key in and characteristics for NFAs organization and activities:
  • Inclusive – One shall show cultural understanding, and generosity – One shall think across boundaries rather than I stall – One shall think interdisciplinary and integrative – One should be nontraditional — One should be brave and persevering
  • Responsibility for the community Responsibility for the environment, health and safety will be standards in all projects. Introduction of automation will give agriculture added value.
  • In advance
    NFA must:
  • Cultivate the academic excellence
  • Provide inspiration to promote innovation
  • Seek to influence trends in society
  • Apply the creative and good solutions
  • Actively use the media and other channels of communication

Slogan: NFA – AUTOMATIC CONTROL for the benefit of Society

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